My daughter has our TV locked into the Ellen Show every day at 4:00 PM. During one of the segments on the show they featured the action packed life of viral mom who has quadruplets.

The Gardner Quad Squad are a social media sensation, and a video of the mom trying to get a snack break with quadruplets caught the attention of the Ellen Show.

While cruising Facebook I noticed a post by my friend saying one of his wife's designs had made an appearance during one of the family pictures shown on the show.

I called Rebekah from Rebekah Scott Design to find out how one of her custom handbags from Valley Springs, wound up in the Gardner Quad Squad Utah family photo.

How did one of your bags wind up in a Gardner Quad Squad Blog photo? 

We sent their team one of our Weekend bags named the Elizabeth, and they liked it and it ended up being put in their family photos last February.

What is a Weekend bag? 

A weekend bag is one that is big enough to hold are your stuff for the weekend. All my designs are named after special people in my life, and this one happens to be named after both my grandmas.

Did you notice some momentum for your products after the appearance in the picture? 

Yes, it gave us international attention and we took orders from everywhere especially in Utah, and Australia where the Gardner Quad Squad has a huge following.

How did you get started in creating your own line? 

My mother is a master seamstress, and I got my first sewing machine at age 4. I started Rebekah Scott Designs 14 years ago.

Keep an eye out for Rebekah, and her products made in Valley Springs, SD. You never know where you might see one next!

To take a look at or purchase some of Rebekah Scott Designs click here.

You can watch the full segment here on Ellen Tube.

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