I've known Brandon since he was burping up milk. Rachel, just long enough to know that she (Rachel) can beat me in a 5K race. Together, they have formed a South Dakota business called Uncle Pro's.

Maybe you've seen it on line. They make cool, why didn't I think of that lawn games. These are the kind of games that you can buy now and play later during summer months while you knock back a few beers. According to their Facebook page they're growing. They've sold product to people in 39 states. I think we should spread the word and get 'em up to all 50.

Oh, leave it to Brandon to make it easy to write the story. I see on Uncle Pro's Facebook page how they came up with the name:

The name Uncle Pro's may be a question to some. Brandon, why is your name "Uncle Pro's" when you aren't even an uncle? Here is the story:

My Mother's Uncle, Steven Joseph Soukup, (nicknamed "Uncle Pro") passed away on Thursday, March 8th, 2012. Not having any children of his own, he had set aside amounts of money for close family members without them having any knowledge of it. My Mother received the money in awe, and decided to take some of that money to give to her three boys, telling all of us "Don't just waste the money. Spend it on something that you will have for a long time, something you can have that you will remember your Uncle Pro for." This sparked an idea that summer. My love for the game of Cornhole sparked my interest in building my own sets of boards, even custom painting them. The money I received went straight towards tools and materials to build my very first set. This is why we decided to give our business the name in the honor, "Uncle Pro's" The first set I ever built, I gave to my Dad for his birthday.

One of their big sellers is YardZ Yard Yahtzee with Large Lawn Dice. I never was a fan of those little dice. These are big enough so a 3 year old wont swallow and I'm thinking you could even play inside. Just move the coffee table in the living room and let er' rip.

Or there's always the Washer Toss Game. I should have known that Brandon would come up with a game like this. Probably a brainstorm that was the result of a trip to the local hardware store.

This one is the kick assest of the bunch is the Giant Tumbling Tower Yardgame. Looks to me to be a Jenga Game that ran into the local steroid dealer.

If you're looking for the hard to buy, outdoor game type on your Christmas 2017, or for a summer anniversary gift, or whatever, you might want to give them a look. Uncle Pro's based out of Pierre

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