Parents need to see this video,and kids need to know how dangerous meth is.

There are some very real, and raw stories in this video so you should watch it before you share it with your kids, and decide if they can handle the content.

From what you will hear in the video we may need to warn our kids about the dangers of drugs earlier than we had thought.

According to

"1 in 5 teens think there is no risk in trying meth"


Meth is a powerful drug that will take everything you have, and eventually your life.

Meth is devastating. The raw reality of what meth does to a person is shown in this brave video by some brave people willing to share their Meth stories.

At the time of the printing of this story over 2,000 people have signed up to Take the Pledge. You can find out about the pledge, find more videos, and facts about meth on the website 


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