A memorial bench at the Bridges at Beresford golf course was vandalized and destroyed overnight Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Some loser, who deserves to be dive-bombed by pigeons for eight hours of public shaming, dislodged and knocked down the pieces of the bench. The inscribed back rest of the bench was broken into three pieces.

The memorial was in honor of Bob Dolan who passed away in 2014. Dolan had a vision to build the golf course and housing development in Beresford and donated the land to the city to do the project. The Bridges at Beresford opened in 2006.

The Bridges at Beresford started a fund to replace the memorial and for a reward for anyone who can provide information that leads to catching the walking vomit who did this. If you have information or would like to donate contact the course and ask for Tony or Kelly at (605) 763-2202.

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