I take pride in getting my girls something extra special at Christmas time. Something that will make them "SCREAM" when they open it up.

Thea, my 7 year old, loves to play with her dolls. She can spend hours in her room with her dolls and doll house. I love peaking in and watching her imagionation at work. So what better of a "Scream Present" than a HUGE box full of barbies! The gift was a hit and so was the big box!

Quincy loves Jon Bon Jovi! It started a couple years ago. I promised myself that if Bon Jovi tours anywhere near us I would take her. I was pleased to find out they would be in the Twin Cities in April. So for Christmas, Quincy got 4 tickets to go to the concert! She was SHOCKED and so happy! The video does include a very loud SCREAM, so be warned! I love making memories with my kiddos!


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