It seems like Melanie Martinez's recent scandal may have triggered her to release this new track.

On Friday (December 22), The Voice finalist dropped her new song "Piggyback" on Soundcloud following her sexual assault allegation made by former friend Timothy Heller.

Though the singer has made official statements in regards to the allegation in the past, Martinez may have fired shots at Heller alongside "fake" and "plastic" people she's met in her life.

In the lyrics she sings:

"You’re lying your way to try and gain a piece of me when you could never come close cause I know my destiny,
I worked hard for my s---t
Put my love in this s---t
Now you’re trying to kill my name for some fame,
What is this?
Tried to help you do your s--t
Encouraged you to work on it
Was a good friend and you used that to your advantage"

Listen to the full track below.

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