According to a recent press release thanks to McCrossan Boys Ranch, the 'Tree(s) of Hope' will be displayed at both Scheels on 41st and HyVee located on Minnesota Ave this year.

"The Tree of Hope is a tradition at the Ranch to help provide our boys with Christmas presents. Christmas is such a special time and we would like to give the true spirit of the season to all of our boys. COVID will make Christmas even more difficult this year"- McCrossan Boys Ranch

It's sad that most of these boys have yet to experience the joy and typical Christmas season we all take for granted; many of them do not even have a home.

Both of the trees that will be on display at the locations listed above will be decorated by the boys from McCrossan Boys Ranch.

The 'Tree of Hope' at Scheels will be decorated on Wednesday, November 18 at 9:00 AM and the HyVee tree will be decorated on the same day just an hour later at 10:00 AM.

The decorations on this tree will be cards that have all the names of the boys at McCrossan Ranch along with some gift and clothing ideas for presents.

All the gifts that are purchased for the 'Tree of Hope' program along with the cards should be returned to the original tree location by Thursday, December 24 in order to be given to the boys in time for Christmas.

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