Mice have been running up and down the halls at city hall for some time now. Dozens of the furry rodents have been spotted scurrying under desks, down hallways, and even munching on wires in the I.T. department.

Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether announced that he has hired a giant cat to hunt and kill mice in city hall.

"We don't have a problem," Huther said. "The mice in this building have a problem. And his name is Mr. Fluffy Pants."

Mr. Fluffy Pants, a 4-year-old Balinese, weighs in at a freakishly large 27 pounds. While he prefers to do nothing, his owner says he's quite the hunter.

"I once found him sitting on the front porch with 3 birds, 5 rabbits, and one goldfish," owner Mortimer Hill said. "He got the goldfish out of a pet store, I kid you not! The owner was mad as hell, but after I paid him for the fish he settled down."

The mayor hopes to have city hall mouse free by the end of August.

This is satire. It’s not real, obviously. But it was fun to write. ~Andy

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