Martha Stewart on her hilariously giant new lawnmower is a whole mood and we can't get enough of it.

Stewart has become a household name is known as the original lifestyle influencer. The 80-year-old recently shared a video of her newest toy, which is a giant riding lawnmower. Her new Kubota zero-turn lawnmower is bright orange and black, and even features a vacuum bag, which Stewart boasts about on her Instagram.

In a hilarious video uploaded to her account, Stewart looks so happy as she bounces up and down on the seat while smiling and pushing the handles of her new mower around.

Stewart rocks some yoga clothes and vest on her new mower, looking effortlessly stylish as always, and states how relaxing it is to go out and "mow a lawn, soccer field or even a paddock." (We had to look up what a paddock was — it's a small enclosure/field for animals, usually horses.)

Watch Martha Stewart happily show off her new toy in the video below from her Instagram as she cruises around waving at the camera.

Stewart's video of her on her new lawnmower on Instagram has gone viral and has even been turned into a ton of memes. One funny meme captioned a screenshot of Stewart with, "me trying to pick up men at Home Depot."

Another says, "me showing up the club at 7 p.m. so I can get home at a decent hour."

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