Sioux City-based plastic-molding manufacturer Century Custom Molding will soon be establishing a new operation in Beresford, South Dakota. The company recently acquired a 20,000-square-foot facility in Beresford’s industrial park.

The Pierre Capital Journal reports that the plant will manufacture blow-molded plastic components, creating an expected 23 jobs according

“This is a unique opportunity for both Beresford and Century Custom Molding, alike,” said Govonor Dennis Daugaard said in statement.

Century Custom Molding is a wholly owned subsidiary of Com Century Industries Co, Ltd, which was founded by Chinese businessman Bill Zhang.

“This is an example of excellent timing,” Jim Fedderson, mayor of Beresford said. “Things came together quickly and seamlessly and we couldn’t be more excited to have Bill here. Beresford has had a lot to celebrate in the last few years, and I’m thrilled to announce that this is just the latest.”

“Bill made the right decision to expand in Beresford, and it’s my pleasure to welcome his company as one of South Dakota’s newest corporate citizens,” Daugaard added.

Renovations at the site in Beresford are already underway. The facility is expected to be fully-operational by next summer.

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