Sioux Falls Police say officers found a man hiding in a closet with a shotgun. Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says this was not the man's house.

"A man went to check on his neighbor's house on Thursday morning. He found somebody sleeping in the basement. That person was sleeping and actually had a shotgun that belonged to the home owner. The shotgun was laying next to the suspect," explained Clemens.

"The neighbor called police. When officers searched the house they found the suspect hiding in a closet. Eventually he came out and they were able to take him into custody. The shotgun was in the closet with the man. Once the man was arrested they found out he was a former felon and was not allowed to possess firearms."

Clemens says the suspect faces numerous charges.

"He was arrested for a gun charge, a burglary charge. He had meth on him. They also found a stolen car in the garage. Apparently this suspect had stolen the car and drove it to this man's house."

The suspect is identified as 35-year-old Rory David Watson, a Sioux Falls transient.

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