A man truly in an altered state of mind made multiple miscues on his way to a Saturday night in jail. It began with drugs and ended in the buff.

The incident happened around 6:00 PM at the 37th and Minnesota Hy-Vee. Sioux Falls Police Department spokesman Sam Clemens said a 44-year old man was attempted to get into a fire truck.

“The man was sitting on the side of the truck. When they started talking to him to find out what he was doing, he removed all his clothes.”

Now completely naked, Clemens said the man continued with a little more madness.

“He ran up to the front of the store, sat down and started yelling at people as they were going in and out. He may have used some meth earlier in the day. He was eventually taken to the hospital.”

The man’s name was withheld because it was believed that he was still at the hospital. Clemens says he will eventually be charged with indecent exposure with a child present, disorderly conduct and ingestion. Police did say the fellow was from Sioux City.

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