Last week, 20-year-old Aiden Wells of Port St. Lucie, Florida stole a large, $140 chameleon from a Petco.

He kept the chameleon hidden while he and a friend kept shopping for some live crickets and small mealworms.  Then they paid for that stuff and left.

When the store realized the chameleon was gone, they reviewed the security footage and saw Aiden taking the chameleon.  And he might've gotten away with it . . . if he hadn't tried to save a few nickels on the crickets and worms.

Because when Aiden checked out, he used his Petco Rewards Card, which gives you 5% back on everything you buy.

The rewards card was linked to his name and address, and the cops arrested him for retail theft.  He agreed to give the chameleon back to the store . . . but it died on the way.

The chameleon he stole is called a Jackson's Chameleon, which is the type of chameleon in the Valspar commercials.

All this talk of chameleons reminds me of a song....