As media members we are always looking for a heroic story in and around our community as it is one of the joys of telling all kinds of stories. Stories with good endings are much better than some of what the media has to cover on a daily basis.

Sometimes those stories are unexpected and often mix sadness, fear, optimism and joy all into one roller coaster of a narrative.

Today (May 18) that story happened way to close to home.

One of my co-workers went down with a heart problem fifteen minutes into our radio show this afternoon. Sirens kept getting closer and closer and when we looked out our studio window, those sirens were in our parking lot.

This story mixes all those above mentioned emotions into this one as well.

One of our co-workers and friends, who I always refer to as one of the "suits," had fallen over at his desk and wasn't responding. In this life-threatening situation, two of my other co-workers rushed onto the scene within seconds to take all the measures necessary, including calling 911 and stabilizing him as much as possible until the paramedics arrived.

Thanks to a combination of their efforts, the wonderful paramedics, Sioux Falls Police and Fire Rescue and the other medical professionals, our buddy is going to make it.

Those other two co-workers who rushed to the scene are also close friends and I couldn't be more proud of who they are and their actions today. Great people step up in big moments, even if those moments are ones you don't expect. That's exactly what they did in a time where you don't have training for those moments in life.

Their action helped more than they probably realize even right now, but these are the kinds of stories we all love, those stories of action and in this case, the action helped save a life.

That action happened a little too close to home, but is a clear reminder to us all about how precious life can be.

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