Animal Control is asking for your help in locating a man whose Dachshund bit another man at a popular Sioux Falls Dog Park.

Spencer Dog Park in Sioux Falls is a very popular place for people to socialize all types of dogs. Unfortunately, sometimes pet owners are not as responsible as they should be.

On Monday evening (3/14) Animal Control responded to the scene of a dog bite at Spencer Dog Park at 3501 South Cliff Avenue.

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A man had been bitten by a dog as he walked on the sidewalk between the two fenced-in dog park areas.

The victim stated as he was walking by the fenced dog park areas another man was walking his dog out of the small dog area.

The dog was on a leash but the dog ran up to the victim and bit him on the back of his leg.

The victim told the dog owner that he had been bitten but the owner did not provide vaccination or contact information to the victim.

The dog was described as a dark brown dachshund. The dog owner was described as a tall white male.

The bite did break the skin and the victim had to seek medical care. Animal Control needs to identify the dog in this incident to verify its vaccinations.

If you have any information on this dog, please call Animal Control at 605-367-7000.

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