We are good at collecting stuff in my house. We buy things, get deals on them allegedly saving money. After we bring the things home and use them, or don't, we end up storing them. Sometimes in perpetuity.

The photo above is the big armload of coats I dropped off in KDLT Coats For All box that is sitting in the lobby of our building. I'm happy to donate these gently used coats but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't also selfishly clearing closet space.

The pink Columbia coat you can see in the photo was a memorable purchase. In February 2010 my wife and I were in the Black Hills with our daughter. We were driving up the big hill on the way to Mount Rushmore when 2 year-old Jackie threw up all over her coat. It's February so we turned around to go to the hotel to clean her up. I ran to a nearby store to buy a coat and most were sold out or no longer selling them because it was February so stores are selling swimming suits. I got lucky and found this one on clearance at Scheels.

Memorable purchase, but why did we still have it until now? Jackie hasn't worn that coat since Kindergarten and that was four years ago. Sure, it's a Columbia, we could get a few bucks for it, so what? It's easier and far more helpful to just donate the coat.

So go through your closets and find that coat you haven't worn in 10 years, like the coat of mine I donated last year.

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