The flagship street construction project in Sioux Falls for 2016 is right on schedule. Traffic is now flowing on the new part of the 12th Street bridge.

In early May, the traffic tango began on 12th Street to accommodate the bridge reconstruction project between Grange and West Avenue. As of Saturday, July 9 traffic shifted to a new surface on the south side of the bridge marking the end of the first phase.

Crews will now tear down the north half of the bridge for reconstruction. Traffic will be controlled much the same as the first half of the project, except drivers will now drive on the new south half of the bridge. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in the peak direction and one lane will be maintained in the nonpeak direction as 20,000 cars make their way across the bridge every day.

“This weekend and potentially through the end of the month, neighbors can expect construction noise again, as we demolish the north half of the bridge and pound piling for the new abutment walls. We will expedite the process as much as possible and appreciate their patience during this important project,” says Chad Huwe, City Engineer in a press release.

The center portion of the roadway will be reconstructed in September. This $7.4 million project is scheduled to be complete by the end of November.

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