Remember the movie, "Major League"? The movie that starred  Tom BerengerCharlie SheenDennis HaysbertWesley Snipes? Well in honor of the movies 25th anniversary, Topps, the leading producer of baseball, basketball, football, and hockey cards, is offering 25th anniversary wax packs featuring the characters from the movie. The limited edition pack will include cards of the characters: Roger Dorn, Jake Taylor, Eddie Harris, owner Rachel Phelps, and Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn.

And as a bonus, you can get a Jobu card! Just $10.39! You can order it here!

A possible third sequel, titled Major League 3, is reportedly in the works. The movie would return  Sheen, Berenger, and Snipes with the plot revolving around Ricky Vaughn coming out of retirement to work with a young player.

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