It's hard not to be excited when you hear Magic! discuss their music.

The band is taking over airwaves with their summer-ready track, 'Rude,' but they're not stopping there! Magic! also got in on the World Cup action, penning a song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup official album. Oh, yeah, and they're also releasing a full-length album of their own.

"The album is two things," lead vocalist Nasri Atweh explained when the band stopped by the PopCrush office in New York City. "One is the fun side of what you'll see on stage. The other half is kind of my love life."

Whether or not they realize it, pop music fans are already familiar with Nasri's work. He's written many tracks for Justin Bieber, including 'As Long As You Love Me.'

"Justin has been such a positive artist in my life, such a giving guy to me," Nasri said, before revealing one significant moment he shared with the singer.

Watch Magic! discuss the inspiration behind 'Rude,' Justin and their FIFA song in the video above!

See Magic! Perform 'Rude' at PopCrush

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