Maddie Todd came back in the day after the American Idol finale and brought her guitar. She also played her audition for American Idol.

We also found out that her guitars have names. My guitars do not have names. But there was one really good reason to name things according to Maddie, you take better care of them.

Maddie was also the first Idol contestant to be allowed to do a mashup of songs. It was previously always required that contestants sing one song only. She also retold the story of the harsh words she got from Katy Perry in her Idol audition. After playing her mashup I gave her a golden post-it because I didn't have any golden tickets.

Other things discussed: Andy's disappointment at not getting to sing Hootie with Maddie, some people didn't know what band Darius Rucker was the lead singer for, and our first legal alcoholic drinks.

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