The next time you sit down to have a delicious bowl of Lucky Charms it may look a bit different. That's because the General Mills food company announced last week that they are retiring the yellow hourglass marshmallow.

Since 2008, the marshmallow has been included in every box—but come this spring, it will officially be retired. now this isn't the first time the company has has switched things up. According to firenewsfeed, The following shapes have all been sent to the Lucky Charms graveyard: blue diamond (‘75), purple horseshoe (’83), swirled whale (’86), red balloon (’89), rainbow (’92), pot of gold (’94) and shooting star (’98).

Since the famous cereal was introduced in 1964, only the pink heart remains from the original lineup. As for the hourglass replacement, the company says, “you’ll have to wait and see.” Last year Lucky Charms was part of the top 10 best selling cereals in the nation, coming in at number eight.

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