Love it, or hate it. It's probably more, like and dislike. I'm talking about the weather here in South Dakota.

Face it, this isn't San Diego, California. There really isn't anything consistent about the weather here in South Dakota. Winters can be challenging. Summers can drag on with hot dry weather.

Yesterday (May 23) a story came out with the headline "Sioux Falls Hailed as Number One Most Unpredictable Weather in Nation."

It's true.

Being positioned in the center of the country, we see extremes coming, mostly from the west and northwest and then watch as weather system after weather system leaves and hits the rest of the country.

This morning when I was out for my run with Molly the Black Lab, I stopped almost dead in my tracks. It hit me like a wall. It was the smell coming from the lilac bushes just off 57th Street in Sioux Falls. When I came around the corner and the wind hit just right you could really smell the bright purple flowers.

I love this time of year for some of the sights and smells. The cloudy cool windy weather, not so much. I love the extra daylight in the mornings and it's nice to take a dog out for the last walk of the day, while it's still light out.

We are an extreme state. In the summer, it's not uncommon to see higher temperatures, with more humidity than Florida. During the heat of the summer, the middle part of the state can be just as hot as Texas or Arizona. The winters can be brutal at times, though we have been lucky for the last 10 years or so.

As much as South Dakota can hold you down with the tough days, she'll let you up and make you glad you don't live anywhere else in the world. So, my love-hate relationship with the weather in South Dakota continues. Looks like the next few days I'll be in love.

How about you?

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