Here's some welcome news for anyone that travels Louise Avenue with any degree of regularity: the construction project that has Louise in shambles between 41st Street and 49th Street near the Empire Mall is ahead of schedule.

KSFY TV is reporting the project is about six weeks ahead of schedule at the present time according to city officials.

The project is about to enter into "phase two" which will involve the reconstructing of the west half of the road. You can still expect restrictions to certain entrances, but, it is the city's hope to provide access to different businesses just as soon as they can.

The good weather isn't the only reason the project is ahead of schedule, according to the KSFY TV report.

"The good weather has been a good asset out here. But, our contractors are doing a good job managing the subcontractors, staying on top of things, and lots of good communication with the property owners and the city and amongst themselves all that's helping us out, out here," said Dustin Posten, the City of Sioux Falls project manager.

November is still the target month to put a wrap on the construction. Just in time for the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Louise Avenue will start to resemble a different kind of crazy for drivers then.

Until that happens, you can bet all the retailers and motorists in the area are counting the days until that stretch of Louise stops looking like a demilitarized zone.

Source: KSFY TV

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