I, unfortunately, could not make it to the Lorde concert in Council Bluffs over the weekend.

She played The Stir Cove at Harrah's Casino. And even though I couldn't be there I had some ears and eyes in the crowd thanks to Bill Tetrault.

He provided me with a rundown and some great images.

The set list included:

1.       Glory and Gore
2.       White Teeth Teens
3.       Tennis Court
4.       Buzzcut Season
5.       No Better
6.       400 Lux
7.       Flashing Lights
8.       Bravado
9.       Biting Down
10.   Heavenly Father
11.   Still Sane
12.   Ribs
13.   Royals
14.   Team

15.   A World Alone

She did not do a encore. Kind of a bummer, but from what Bill said it was a great show nonetheless.

Bill explained further in an email to me: "As the stage was being set for Lorde’s performance the crowd became increasingly excitable.  Any hint of movement behind the stage created shrieks from the front rows.  Lorde performed 15 songs including a cover of Kanye’s Flashing Lights and Bon Iver’s Heavenly Father.

Lorde is a very active performer on stage.  She danced throughout the show and her hands rarely were in the same place for longer than a second.  She had at least three outfit changes.  Her lighting and projection equipment on the stage were outstanding.

Towards the end of the show she stopped and talked to the crowd.  Reminding us all that it was one year ago to the night that the Pure Heroine album was released.  She talked about where she was at the time, where she came from and how excited she is to be where she is in her life.  It all seemed very personal and I was impressed by how open she was."

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