Calling all Nerdfighters! Hulu announced today the casting for their special Hulu series based on the John Green book, Looking for Alaska.

John Green also wrote The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns, which were turned into movies.

Looking For Alaska is actually John Green's first novel and it is finally getting some recognition.

I must admit, I found John Green thanks to the YouTube Channel, VlogBrothers, he has with his brother, Hank. I also must admit that I haven't kept up with them like a good Nerdfighter.

However, I did read Looking For Alaska and I can't wait for this series. I think the fact that it's getting a series on Hulu rather than a movie is a good thing. In a series, they can delve a little deeper and hopefully stay true to the book.

Looking For Alaska's main characters are Miles and Alaska. Miles is new to a boarding school and falls for Alaska. Then Alaska goes missing. What happened to Alaska? The book deals with issues of grief, coming of age, and hope.

Today was a big day for fans because the casting was announced for Miles and Alaska. Miles will be played by Charlie Plummer whom you may know from Boardwalk Empire and Granite Flats. Alaska will be played by Kristine Froseth whom you may know from the Netflix movie, Sierra Burgess is a Loser.

The series should premiere sometime next year.

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