The Minnesota Vikings beat the New York Giants 28-10 on Sunday. I think we should give our quarterback a raise.

Fumble Cousins had a good game today. He threw for 306 and didn't throw a pick. He even threw a ball out of the back of the end zone intentionally when he had no receiver to throw to. In doing so, he avoided a sack or, even worse, another fumble. That's elite-level play right there. Tom Brady does that all the time. Clearly Cousins should get a raise to his $84 million contract. He has earned it by winning this game.

The Vikings defense was solid. So much so that after Dalvin Cook pulled a Cousins in the red zone, they almost immediately turned the Giants over with a safety. But Cousins really deserves all the praise. He was so awesome and intimidating on the field, he caused the Giants to gak their pants on offense out of fear that he would Cousins up and down the field.

If Fumble Cousins plays like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers had a baby Patrick Minshew, the Vikings will win the Super Bowl. No sweat! After all, the Bears lost to the Raiders and the Vikings killed the Raiders!

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