The Minnesota Vikings opened 2019 at home with a 28-12 win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. As a long suffering fan of the Vikings I can only come to one conclusion for the 2019 season - we're doomed.


I am basing this not on any sort of statistical analysis, comparative analysis, or even educated guessing. I am not an expert pro football nor do I even know half of the players names on the 2019 Vikings roster yet. I don't watch the draft because it's as boring as the Oscars. My overreaction is 100 percent based on my gut reaction and feeling. Intuition perhaps. Or maybe I'm just playing the odds?

Dalvin Cook was awesome. The defense was awesome. The quarterback was not awesome and fumbled two more times and threw for fewer yards than I had to shoot my first deer. Kurt Cousins is on pace to throw for 1,568 yards this year after a mind-numbing. Yeah, Cook and defense caused a lot of that, but how do you not put up 150? I'm a cynic when it comes to Cousins. But his Pizza Ranch commercials are almost amusing.

This felt like one of those games where the Purple should have destroyed their foe after having a 14-0 lead before the first quarter was half over, but only doubled that score in the next three-plus quarters. Weak!

As of now, sitting at 1-0, I see a 9-7 finish and miss the playoffs, mostly due to injuries to the good players, and the quarterback staying healthy.

But maybe I'll feel differently next week. SKOL!

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