The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Green Bay Packers 21-16 at Lambeau Field on Sunday. They will probably go 5-11 if they're lucky.

The Purple were depantsed in the first half. It was 21-0 before I could even get half way through my first beer, and I watched it on the DVR. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense was rolling. Meanwhile, Fumble Cousins followed a recovered fumble with another that was lost. He must have tiny hands. He holds a football the way my 6-year-old holds a basketball.

When Cousins advertising deal with Pizza Ranch is up he should start doing commercials for Halls cough drops. He has more cough-ups than a 20 year smoker with tuberculosis. After the game Cousins was eating at Pizza Ranch and dropped his fork. It was recovered by the Packers.

Dalvin Cook is a stud. The defense, after the 21-0 bed wetting, shut down almost everything the Packers did for the rest of the day. But Fumble Cousins proved that a great team with a bad quarterback cannot overcome a mediocre team with a great quarterback.

Seriously, I'd be happy if they end up 8-8 at this point. I miss Case Keenum.

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