A Sioux Falls pizzeria will soon be displaying a mural on the north side of its building that highlights 21 different well-known figures from Sioux Falls past and present.

At the beginning of this summer, Sunny’s Pizzeria, at 26th and Walts Avenue, organized a contest that allowed local artists the opportunity to throw their hats in the ring for a chance to be chosen to paint a special mural that showcases Sioux Falls history.

Dakota News Now caught up with the owner of Sunny’s Pizzeria, Jon Oppold, who told them the idea for the contest actually started a couple of years ago. But COVID came along, and he was forced to put the idea on the back burner temporarily. The pandemic made it difficult to run a contest of this nature.

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However, as things began to return to a degree of normality again, Oppold kicked off the competition a few months ago, and it continued throughout the summer months.

According to Dakota News Now, during that time he received 14 different contestants that were willing to take on the challenge of painting the mural.

An artist named Wyatt Dickson was eventually selected from all the contestants to tackle the project that is now underway.

Dickson told Dakota News Now, "Being able to make something of my own that’s seen like this is different and fantastic.”

Dickson is hopeful that he will have the mural project that is a homage to Sioux Falls history completed by the end of October. At which time Sunny’s Pizzeria is planning a big unveiling party.

Once completed, people of the Sioux Empire will be able to access a QR Code inside the mural that will provide a link revealing the identities of the figures featured in the mural, and their significance to Sioux Falls.

Source: Dakota News Now

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