Full disclosure, I actually tried Sunny's Pizzeria back in December, but the Burger Battle took over my life in January. So now, let's take some time to reflect on the experience that was Sunny's Pizzeria.

Sunny's Pizzeria opened at 1801 S Walts Ave. late last year. The location used to be a laundromat and is located near the Augustana campus.

The owners told themselves that if that laundromat ever went up for sale they would do everything they could to make it a pizzeria. And they did!

The pizzeria has some of your usual pizzas, but then they also have some creations of their own. Like the Pepperoni Playboy that has legit pizza rolls on the pizza! Mind blown!

The pizzeria also serves locally brewed beer and has a few old school arcade games.

You might notice that there is a bit of a dog theme at Sunny's Pizzeria, I believe that is because they named the establishment after their dog! Cute little puppy muffins!

I would definitely go back. There are so many other pizzas to try!



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