Oh I know, I still have access to the boat anchor I'm typing this story on, but the point is my laptop self-destructed in what seems to be a significant event and I am stressed!

I'm stressed out by the thought of the expense of repair, the loss of all of my stuff and not having it with me in the control room when we're on the air.

I can't see what the latest headlines are, or what breaking news, weather info, entertainment happenings and trends are going on. It is all passing me by!

Unless I run out to my desk where this computer is. I can't Facebook with anyone. And Twitter? (Which I'm addicted to). Forget about it! That's right, I'm missing things, a lot of things!

I work in a place where we live and die by computers and it is assumed that most people have their own laptops. The company doesn't purchase them which means that computer neophytes like me are responsible for finding, purchasing and maintaining their own.That is where the trouble starts.

Thankfully, I am a rabid disciple of consumerism and always do a ton of research prior to purchasing anything; from a vehicle, to furniture, to yes, a computer. So I did the research, shopped prices and made what I thought was an informed and good purchase.

The DVD drive stopped working after 5 months, but who wants to return it and start all over or send it for repairs and not have it for who knows how long. So I've decided to live without it, after all that is what Neflix, Acorn TV, Amazon, Hulu and all those other movie and TV services are for. Correct?

Yeah, well now I can't even watch my beloved new BBC Sherlock Holmes with Benedict Cumberbatch episodes while I do laundry anymore!

And yes I should have backed more stuff up. I meant to. You know the saying, "Coulda, shoulda, woulda - didn't." But in my own defense, I was simply uninstalling one security program and installing another. It should not have launched the entire computer into the nothingness of space, but it did.

I hope the techno-Gods at PC Gold can help my wayward doorstop - I mean, laptop - and sooner, rather than later. Although judging by the amount of work they have, I am hardly alone in my computer idiocy!

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