I'm 55 years old and I do a lot of digital work. It wasn't always this way in my life.

I still remember when I was first shown how to use the internet 20-plus years ago. I felt as if I had just completed a NASA course.

That, of course, was only the beginning. Between that point and today, I spent more time being scared of new stuff than anything else.

But I think that's finally behind me now. When something new is put before me, my attitude is: we've learned everything else so far, we can do this too.

Then we look to our surroundings. There are kids everywhere living in a digital world. They grasp it like I breath the air. It's the world as they've always known it. They hunger for new technology in a way that I used to for seeing new kinds of toys in the Christmas catalogue each year.

I have an 8-year old son, who claims that he will have serious problems if he doesn't get home to his electronics. He even told his doctor that at a check-up.

If I get stuck with my smart phone or smart TV, he rips the controls from my hands and becomes obsessed with figuring it out, and usually finds the answer in seconds.

Young kids are born with digital. It became very clear to me the other day, when I saw a child in a car seat, sucking on a baby bottle, while working on an iPad Pro.

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