The NFL Draft is getting closer and closer. The Minnesota Vikings will hold eight draft pick spots heading into this year's event.

Minnesota has picks in every round this season except for the fifth round. The Vikings traded its 2019 5th round pick to Denver in exchange for quarterback Trevor Siemian and Denver's 2018 7th round pick that ended up being used for linebacker Devante Downs. Minnesota also traded its 2019 7th round pick to the NY Giants in exchange for offensive lineman Brett Jones.

After finishing 8-7-1 in 2018, the Vikings will pick 18th in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. They will have single picks in rounds 2-4, along with two picks in both the 6th and 7th rounds. Minnesota was awarded three compensatory picks with them coming in the late rounds.

  • First-round pick (No. 18 overall)
  • Second-round pick (No. 50 overall)
  • Third-round pick (No. 81 overall)
  • Fourth-round pick (No. 114 overall)
  • Sixth-round pick (No. 178 overall)
  • Sixth-round pick (No. 209 overall)
  • Seventh-round pick (No. 247 overall)
  • Seventh-round pick (No. 250 overall)

The NFL takes place April 25-27 live from Nashville. In addition to the yearly event being on ESPN 99.1, we will also bring you coverage of the Draft with Overtime with Jeff Thurn.

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