What makes the Edith Sanford Breast Foundation different?

You may already know about our mission to unlock each woman’s genetic code, our commitment to investing 100% of every dollar in research and patient care here in the Sioux Falls region, our team of experts and the ability to speed discoveries to patients.

For all of these reasons, Edith Sanford is uniquely positioned to lead real progress and accelerate more effective, personalized treatments and cures. But what also makes us stand apart is passion. This fight is as personal to our researchers and clinicians as it is to you.

Dr. David Pearce, executive vice president of Sanford Research and an internationally renowned scientist, lost his sister, Jennifer, to breast cancer. She was only 49, a mother to two teenage boys.

“She was a loving, caring kind of person who always wanted to take care of other people,” he recalled. “That’s just the way she was.”

Jennifer’s cancer was found fairly early and was successfully treated. However, several years later a routine checkup showed that the cancer had returned and spread to her liver and lungs.

As a researcher and scientist, Pearce felt frustrated that there was little he could do to help his own sister.

“When you see someone you care for fighting a disease, you feel helpless,” Dr. Pearce said. “It’s a justice in my life that I’m able to help now by being involved with Edith Sanford.”

Everyone at Sanford Research wants to help beat breast cancer and as the executive vice president of research at Sanford Health, Dr. Pearce helps keep it priority.

“We've seen how devastating this disease is, and we don't want to see it happen to anyone else again. No woman should have to go through what my sister went through.”

Sanford scientists are on track to uncovering better treatments and therapies to fight breast cancer. They hope to keep this disease from taking more sisters, mothers and friends.

“The goal is for us to understand the genetics behind breast cancer, to understand what actually happens as the cancer develops,” Dr. Pearce said. “Through clinical trials we’ll be able to serve our patients even better. We’re in the process of reinventing breast cancer care for all patients.”

We are truly at a turning point. We have the technology, the vision and the passion to end breast cancer, but we need partners like you.

For all the times we’ve felt helpless against this devastating disease, this is our moment to take control, to come together and be a force for change. Join the fight this October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

When was your last mammogram?

Early detection saves lives. Schedule your mammogram today and encourage others to do the same. Breast screenings only take a few moments. A few moments may save a life.

Edith Sanford Breast Center Mission Statement: The mission of the Edith Sanford Breast Foundation is to unlock each woman’s genetic code, advance today’s prevention and treatment, and end breast cancer for future generations. We are committed to conducting groundbreaking research to find cures faster.

Please join us, and help create a tomorrow where no more of our loved ones are lost to this disease.


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