Our temps today are going to be around the 98-degree mark, so no better time than now to celebrate '98 Days of Summer' with 98 Degrees.

The Ohio natives are present and accounted for! Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmins, and Justin Jeffres used quarantine to create their own Las Vegas bubble and work on new music!

Meanwhile, the guys have been reminiscing on all their social media this Summer calling it '98 Days of Summer' and on July 9th, 98 Degrees released their first new song in eight years.

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The new song is titled "Where Do You Wanna Go" and will be part of the group's new EP called Summer of 98. Summer of 98 is compiled of new songs and remixes of old favorites and will be released on August 6.

In the music video for "Where Do You Wanna Go" the guys are cruising around together and just serving angles to the camera. However, I hate to get all Mom about this, but why aren't they wearing seatbelts? Safety first, guys! It seriously bothered me the whole time.

Also, why is Nick the only one wearing a Summer type outfit? Everybody else is dressed for Autumn. What is going on?

As they drive around, people seem to be excited to see them, which is valid. I would probably have a similar reaction.

Overall, it's a fun song and I'm happy they are putting out new music. *wink wink hint hint* NSYNC!!

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