I was bored at home on Sunday morning, probably like a lot of you were, and happened to post a picture of my coffee mug. It's a mug that I was given as part of a Secret Santa gift exchange here at work a few years ago. I kind of forgot I had it. No offense to the gift giver.

I have a couple of friends that collect mugs. Any vacation they go on, they buy a mug! Some people stick to a theme, like pig mugs. Some people like checking out rummage sales for interesting mugs. The possibilities are endless.

Anyway, I posted a picture of my mug and then all of a sudden everybody was showing me their mugs. I got coffee and tea mugs. A circus mug. And even a mug with what looks like maybe Kool-Aid in it? Hey, no judgment about what you put in your mug. It's a weird time.

So, I figured I'd share them with you here!

Be warned. Some of these mugs are not family-friendly. Peruse at your own discretion.

Sioux Falls Listener's Coffee Mugs

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