28-year old British singer and songwriter, Leona Lewis, who top the pop charts back in 2007 with her best selling single, "Bleeding Love" recently revealed that she she recorded Ellie's huge hit single 'Burn' but turned it down.

Ryan Tedder from One Republic, who wrote the song, offered it to her first but she didn't think it was the right sound. The single was suppose to appear on Leona's Glassheart album but it was eventually cut from the final tracklist. Leona says:

“The thing is, if I had released 'Burn', I don't think it would have gone on to do as well as Ellie's version. It wouldn't have worked for me. It just wouldn't have,” Leona explained to BANG. “It was meant to be hers, I'm glad she did it, and I think she did it really well. I really like Ellie Goulding, I'm a big fan.”



Leona's version has leaked online. Here it is.