Flooding on the Big Sioux River has taken its toll on so many areas throughout the Sioux Empire. One of the hardest hit places, was the YMCA Leif Ericson Day Camp, on 26th Street off I-229 in Sioux Falls.

KSFY TV reports the camp suffered major damage after the March storms, combined with Big Sioux River flood waters destroyed equipment, bridges, and supplies.

Ever since the flooding, clean up crews, comprised of staff and many volunteers have been working non-stop to return things to normal before summer campers begin showing up in early June.

The good news, they're nearing completion. According to KSFY, in less than a month, 3500 campers will soon start arriving at Leif Ericson to begin the summer camp experience for another season.

The camp would have never been able to open up on time, if not for all the volunteers that came out to lend a hand.

Shortly after the impact of the flooding at Leif Ericson was determined, a Go Fund Me page was established for the restoration of the camp. Immediately, residents began to rally around the cause in terms of funding and support.

YMCA Executive Camp Director, Mike Murphy told KSFY, on Thursday, (May 9) alone, 175 volunteers were on hand to assist with the cleanup and restoration efforts. "They came out and did some great work, so we made some huge progress this week," Murphy said.

KSFY reports that thanks to all the generous giving and long hours put in by everyone involved, the camp is on track to reopen for the summer on Monday, (June 3).

Source: KSFY TV

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