Tony Hawk spent part of his weekend in South Dakota and he decided that he needed to skate the Badlands. While doing so, he thought for sure he was busted by a park ranger.

Hawk, 52, was cruising around the Badlands on Sunday afternoon when he decided to pull over and take a different type of cruise. While skating down the road, a Badlands park ranger happened to drive by leading Hawk to believe that he was done for. Instead, the Park Ranger figured out quickly who was doing the act and asked for a selfie instead of writing a ticket.

Hawk documented everything on Twitter.

If you are wondering, skateboarding at Badlands National Park is prohibited just as much as flying a drone in the park is. Chalk this event up like Hawk doing a 900, don't try this when you go out there next time.

Hawk brought skateboarding to national exposure after landing the 900 back in 1999 during the X-Games.

Soon after the 900 happened, Activision produced the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video game that went platinum. The success led to the video game series continuing on through 2018 with a re-release of the original game scheduled to drop of PS4 and XBOX One this upcoming September. The combination of the 900 and video games put Hawk as a household name and helped put skateboarding on the map.

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