Did you know that May is U.S. Parachute Association's Learn to Skydive Month?!?!

I just found out and the month is almost over, but I found out just in time.

Skydive Adventures in Luverne, MN is offering a free class during Learn to Skydive Month for anyone who has ever been the slightest bit curious about skydiving.

The class will be Saturday, May 27th at 9 AM at Skydive Adventures in Luverne, MN just one mile south of the I 90 Luverne exit.

The class will cover everything you need to know about skydiving including equipment, emergency procedures, aircraft, exiting the aircraft, what to do in a free fall, and what to do with you parachute. This is your opportunity to ask questions and talk to experienced skydivers. Because there is so much to cover the class does last six hours so plan accordingly.

The class is at no cost, but if you decide you want to jump you can then pay to do so.

The class is open to anyone over 18.

If interested, for more information you can contact Joe Negrete at 605-941-0603 or at staticline@skydiveadventures.com


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