Part-time husband stealer and full-time whatever it is that she does these days LeAnn Rimes really needs to get her act together if she wants to keep photographing Eddie Cibrian's children and putting them on the internet.

The latest in the slap-fight between Rimes and the woman from whom she swiped Cibrian, Brandi Glanville, involves Glanville claiming her son got “extremely ill” when he got his grubby little mitts on Rimes' laxatives.

Which gave us the primo opportunity to use this photo that LeAnn posted a few months ago on Twitter of herself in a bathroom. Because symmetry.

Earlier this week, Glanville was thrown into a tizzy when Rimes referred to Cibrian and Glanville's children as “my boys” and allowed them to ride bikes without helmets. Now? The fight has escalated -- or de-escalated -- into digestive tract territory.

In other words, feces just got real.

Glanville told Us Weekly, "I, unfortunately, don't find [Rimes] to be stable and I don't want her around my kids when Eddie's not there -- or at least the nanny, his parents, someone."

She really didn't need to provide any further explanation, but we're so glad she did.

"Mason, my eldest, ate some of Le's candies and got extremely ill. And Le's candies are laxatives," she explained. "It was a big f---ing deal for me, and I lost my mind."

"[Rimes] has one in every purse," she continued. "Mason found it on on the floor and thought it was a Skittle! They don't keep sugar in the house [so] he thought he finally found candy."

Taste the rainbow, kid.

Representatives for Rimes say these allegations are false and that Rimes does not have a stash of laxatives hoarded around her home. (Cue mental image of LeAnn Rimes perched atop a hoard of laxatives like an angry dragon protecting its treasure.)

In a counter-statement, Cibrian, the man at the center of all this drama, said, "It is absolutely ridiculous that my ex-wife continues to put the personal lives of myself, LeAnn, our sons and my family on public display for the sake of her notoriety. She is fully capable and has the means of contacting myself and LeAnn privately to discuss any matter concerning the children. The fact she chooses not to, should be pretty transparent."

He added that the kids have accepted LeAnn as their “bonus mom” and if Glanville really cared about their well-being she would stop insulting someone they consider to be a part of their family.

Rimes was on the toilet and could not be reached for comment.

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