LeAnn Rimes took the stage Saturday night (August 3rd) at The Sioux Empire Fair. Her original opener, Tegan Marie, had to cancel so the fill in opener was Jeffrey East. I was pleasantly surprised by him. He had a healthy beard and was quite likable! He was so funny in between songs, and his songs were actually pretty good too! Look him up!

Then, the main event! LeAnn Rimes! We had early access passes so we had a guaranteed seats!

She came out in a sparkly black dress and platform high heels! She looked good.

She sang all the usuals including "Blue", "I Need You", "How Do I Live", "One Way Ticket", and of course "Can't Fight the Moonlight". But if I had one critique it's that she changed the songs too much. How is a girl like me supposed to sing along if you keep doing all kinds of weird stuff to the songs.

For example, one of her only up-tempo songs, "One Way Ticket", she turned into a ballad! She still sang it really well, but I was kind of bummed. I get that she has been singing this song since she was 14 and probably is just sick of it, but I wanted to hear the original.

She didn't mess with "Can't Fight the Moonlight" and I thoroughly appreciated that.

She also did a fair share of covers including "Crazy", "Wonderwall", and her encore was "Rocketman".

The other mainstage attraction for me at the fair was the food I consumed before and after the show! All kinds of things on a stick!

I had a cornbrat. Like a corn dog, but instead of a gross hot dog, it was a bratwurst. I also had deep fried mashed potatoes and chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick!

All in all, it was a great evening!

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