It wasn’t exactly a priceless treasure, but one Sioux Falls resident made sure the thief didn’t get away with it.

Around midnight Monday, a man in an apartment at 15th and Jefferson heard his screen door open. Officer Sam Clemens says the victim checked the noise and then took decisive action.

“He ended up finding a guy inside (his apartment). He believes (the suspect) was trying to steal a game console. He yelled at the guy and pushed the guy outside of the home. The suspect tried to run away and our victim chased him.”

The victim wasn’t able to catch the suspect, but nothing was taken either. Sioux Falls Police eventually tracked down the man, arresting 29-year old Shukri Jara of Sioux Falls.

Jara is charged with First Degree Burglary. Police are not sure whether the two men know each other. The suspect says they are acquainted, but the victim refutes that claim.

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