Drake's "In My Feelings" took the world by storm with the #ShiggyChallenge #InMyFeelings. I'm sure you've seen at least two of the videos that were part of the viral craze. People dancing to Drake's song all thanks to a guy named Shiggy. Everyone from Ciara to the kids from Stranger Things to the Queer Eye guys to Will Smith were getting in on the action.

But now, Drake has an official music video. The video starts with Drake trying to get a girl's attention by throwing rocks at her window. The girl is LaLa Anthony and her mom is Phylicia Rashad, who is just not having it. The video progresses with Drake in New Orleans wearing a ridiculous grill. (Grills were so 2000 and late.) Anyway, Shiggy, himself, makes an appearance dancing in a trolley. He is also the assistant at the end.

The video ends with Drake waking up from a dream and he's confused about who Kiki is and why everyone is dancing in the streets and why is Will Smith there?

The video's credits roll while a compilation of #ShiggyChallenge #InMyFeelings videos play in the background. Even the cow makes the cut!

I love that Drake embraced this whole craze and made it part of the music video.

I will say, I'm a little bummed Drake doesn't really do the dance himself. He kind of does. Sort of. Come on Drake, get shiggy! It's what Kiki would want!

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