Justin teased all week his new single out today and he delivered. The song and video were released at midnight.

So what we have is "Filthy" and according to Justin's social media it should be played very loud.

The video is something like a sci-fi, robots taking over the world kind of movie.

It starts with Justin looking kind of like Steve Jobs unveiling a new tech product, which turns out to be a dancing robot. Justin seems to be controlling the robot, but is he?

As far as the song, it's definitely a little more electronic sounding.

It's definitely kind of a naughty song with lyrics like, "Put your filthy hands on me. What are you gonna do with the beast when I leave the cage open?"

Overall, I like it. But I'm kind of bias because I love Justin and will like everything he does for the rest of time.

"Filthy" definitely peaks my interest as to what else is on the album for sure.

The album, Man of the Woods, comes out on February 2nd.

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