Andy and I were invited to be judges for a chili/soup cook-off. Every year some of the employees at Goodwill on Norton put their best recipe on the table to see who reigns supreme.

We were joined as judges by some Goodwill employees from Sioux City and Sioux Falls as well as a local firefighter.

There were 10 entries and it was a tough job picking a winner, but someone had to do it!

There were many different kinds of chilis and soups. There was a chicken enchilada soup, a broccoli cheddar soup, a white chicken chili, one chili had peanuts, another had cinnamon, one even had lima beans in it!

In the end chili #9 was our winner. Apparently, the secret ingredient was BBQ pulled chicken. As judges, we thought there was also a creaminess factor that the others didn't have, perhaps from sour cream, but the chef would not confirm nor deny this.

I also loved all the extra toppings involved. Certain chilis had specified toppings. We had saltines, oyster crackers, cheese, fritos, and potato shoe strings. There were also dinner rolls and cornbread! I did not leave hungry that is for sure.

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