A few months ago, I told you the origin of cinnamon rolls and chili. Something I had only heard about recently and had never tried before. You can read that story here. Our Facebook page blew up after we posted that story. Apparently, it's huge in Nebraska.

A grocery store in Lincoln, Nebraska loves their chili and cinnamon rolls so much, they've decided to make a cinnamon roll "bread" bowl! I'd be willing to try that.

According to the Super Saver Foods Facebook page in Lincoln, Nebraska, the store's cake decorator, Sara, had the idea to take the bread bowl concept and repurpose it into a cinnamon roll bowl to serve your favorite chili recipe.The bowl comes complete with a rim of white icing.

For now, these delicious creations are only available at the Fallbrook Boulevard Super Foods location in Lincoln, but they hope to share the concept with the other Super Foods locations soon.

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