It was announced the other day that John Wick 4 is going to come out in May of 2021. I had better see John Wick 3 before then.

I've been so damn busy with kids, work, hobbies, and honey-dos, I haven't had time to see it. The same thing happened two years ago when John Wick 2 came out. I never did see it in the theater. May is the time of year when I am most likely to get swamped.

I was supposed to go see it tonight. I am in Omaha attending a shooting class, one that would certainly make me more Wick-like, and I planned to see it after a quick dinner. But the whole group in my class went out to a Japanese restaurant and I didn't feel like I should skip it. While one of my classmates was wildly entertaining after several servings of sake, and my Mongolian beef was amazing, I kinda wished I had stuck to the script and gone to Wick after some Chipotle.

I might be able to swing it Friday afternoon in Grand Island next weekend. I'm shooting in the Zombies in the Hearland 3-gun match there and we only shoot half days.

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