Deep in a water-filled mine pit in Crosby, Minnesota sits a creepy surprise for anyone who is able to dive deep enough to see it. Looking up at you in the dark, deep water is Jason Voorhees from 'Friday the 13th'. But how did he get there?

Curtis Lahr via YouTube
Curtis Lahr via YouTube

Jason has been in this 'lake' (I say 'lake' because it's technically a mine pit but whatever) for almost 10 years now. An avid diver named Doug Klein is the one who created this state that now lives deep in the Louise Mine Pit. He talked to Minnesota Monthly about his project 5 years after its completion.

The mine pit is actually used for diving lessons so there are a lot of other fun things to find down there. However, you need to be pretty experienced to reach Jason because he's down at 120 feet.

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How Did Jason Voorhees Get to the Bottom of a Minnesota Lake

So how exactly did Doug get Jason down there? He constructed the statue with two-by-fours, clothes, bubble wrap to make him float in the water, and of course his iconic hockey mask and machete. To chain him in the lake they used a lock and chain.

Curtis Lahr via YouTube
Curtis Lahr via YouTube

But Doug told Minnesota Monthly that getting Jason down there "'was actually a nightmare'". Jason was too buoyant with the bubble wrap so Doug used cinder blocks and a lift bag (which is something used to lift cars that have sunk out of the water) to make Jason neutral. Basically, that meant Doug could maneuver Jason down into the water.

Curtis Lahr via YouTube
Curtis Lahr via YouTube

Well once he got Jason where he wanted him (at 120 feet) the rope holding Jason broke and he shot all the way back up to the surface. After about 8 hours of fighting Jason, Doug finally got him attached. And there's plenty of video proof from his friend and fellow diver, Curtis Lahr, that Jason is still down there spooking people.

Jason 5 years ago:

Jason 2 years ago:

But there are other experienced divers who have made it down to see Jason, like Jill (TSRep13 on YouTube):

The gunk that has built up on Jason over the years just adds to the creepiness.

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