Sioux Falls resident Tony Erickson is the only person to experience January twice this year. On the calendar, and 'Mad Men' star January Jones...who happens to be his ex-girlfriend.

On Friday, January told 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon about a prank she just pulled on an old flame who she grew up with in Sioux Falls.

Apparently, Tony is a big prankster at his realty office in Sioux Falls. His co-workers contacted Jones, asking for her help in getting even with him, and for some reason, January played along!

She called Erickson pretending to be interested in a land developing real estate investment. Jones then told Erickson to meet her at the Sioux Falls airport to discuss the deal.

Erickson went to Joe Foss Field only to find his laughing co-workers yelling, "surprise!"

Poor tony. In the world of pranking, what goes around, usually come back around.

She also took the opportunity to show off her dad's new truck. Sweet Marv!


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